2020 OLOL Amazing 5k

Mile 1 - 8:55
Right off the bat I didn’t have the greatest start I was a bit late to the start line. I started off about 2-3 minutes after the official start. While I’d rather be on time the late start let me avoid the mass start and just take off running at my own pace instead weaving through everyone. Downtown races that start at Town Square generally always take us over the Trevor J. Sims Bridge right before the mile 1 marker. But, alas, the first quarter mile is mostly flat with a little incline before the interstate. The looming bridge makes this feel like a minor blip on the radar though. I feel like I’m making good time I slowly start catching up to some runners so no harm no foul on being late lol. I planned to run some more miles after this race so I didn’t want to fully attack the bridge but according to Strava this was my second fastest run over the bridge so that’s really awesome. One more detail for the first mile for a 5k that uses this route once you make it over you have to go because you run a half mile out and back then you have to go right back over this monster of a bridge!

Mile 2 - 9:10
I’m still running strong I definitely have some more speed in my legs but I have to save some energy for the post race miles. I’m still passing people through the first water station. I eventually reach the 5k turnaround and I had some serious regret about not signing up for the half instead. At this point I check the watch and my pace slowed a bit. So I set a mini goal to keep my finish pace under 9:09 since that’s the under two hour half marathon pace. I speed up a little knowing I’d need to make up some time for the bridge slow down. If I can’t run it easily for a 5k what hope do I have for the half. So let’s get after it!

Mile 3 - 9:07
Mile 3 gets started right in front of the bridge so at least we’re getting out of the way so we can get after it to the finish. For the 3 mile bridge section I feel the slow down happening but I just need to persevere and get over it and I’ll push it to the finish. Some random kid who was walk running decided we’re going to go back and forth the entire mile so that kept me engaged. I checked the watch and I’m right on pace for 9:09 so I speed up just a little to make sure. I haven’t really been passed by many people so that gave me a mini ego boost to run it in.

The Finish - 8:55
One more mini incline and the finish line is right there I usually check to see if anyone is gaining on me or see if they want to sprint the finish but I was good. I run it in kinda bummed because some guy was in front of me and might have messed up my finish line pic lol.

The race was fun I’d like to not go over the bridge sometimes. I ran 5 more miles after grabbing some breakfast at Matherne’s. I’ll be back next year for the half marathon for sure!

I'm super late to post this but oh well. I typed it out in March and a lot has changed since then but I still wanted to post it.  The current state of things has me reminiscing about races and hopefully being able to do it again!

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