300 Pound Project

Hi it’s DJ back again trying to finally lose some weight. Currently some days I am motivated then the next I am binging on whatever is in the house. I still have lofty weight loss goals but I am gonna start with a smaller project.  I hope to continue that momentum. My current weight is 335.4 and as you can tell by the title my current project is to get under 300 pounds.

I am not setting a timeframe for accomplishing this I just want to be active and be in a consistent calorie deficit.  With that losing this initial weight should happen pretty quickly.  I don’t know how I let myself get back here but I am going to change it now!  The pandemic and just laziness really caught me slipping.

Activities I will be doing to stay on track are running following the Couch to 5k app, cycling on my stationary bike, and strength training with kettlebells, dumbbells,  and bodyweight exercises.  I am signed up for the Peloton app so I will pop into classes from time to time.  I also plan to train for a couple 10k’s in April to keep my motivation going strong.

Nutrition wise I don’t really limit what sort of foods I can eat as long as I am in a calorie deficit it is all good.

I will keep you all updated at least weekly with a blog post and daily posts on my instagram.

Let me know about any of your New Year goals down in the comments.

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