Diet Progress

My diet has been an epic fail so far but I'm taking it back!!!  Going to keep track in here.

Starting weight


Date Weight Progress
May 11 298.2 --
May 15 291.8 -6.4
May 22 287.8 -4
May 29 285.8 -2
June 5 285 -.8

May 11th-15th

With the exception of Tuesday I was in a calorie deficit every day. My calories were higher than I planned some days but as long as I’m in a deficit I’ll take it. Tuesday was more of the late evening binging.  I feel good with where I’m at though. I’ve put a few deficit days in a row.  I was struggling for months to get 1 day so PROGRESS!

May 16th-22nd

I found some momentum! I haven’t been perfect with the calories yet but I’ve been in a calorie deficit everyday this week. That is what im trying to do after all. Steady progress and I’ll get my goals!

May 23rd-29th

Pretty successful this week only went off the rails on Wednesday. I got it back together on Thursday before weigh in to save it. I really stepped up my stepping this week I was above 15,000 everyday. Even got it in on off days. This upcoming week I promise to stick to the deficit!

May 30th-June 5th

Ok I had a couple of binges but I eventually got back on track. I happy that even with the binges I still lost weight. So it’s not a totally loss. On to next week!

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  1. Hey DJ,

    I can relate alot to your story and journey. I started at 289 in 2017 when I joined Blacks Girls Run. I’m now at 191 but my inconsistency is causing me to be a few pounds shy of my 100 lbs weight loss goal. I’m trying to refocus so by my birthday I’ll surpass my goal.

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