I am back!

Hi! I’m back and I am going post consistently here I promise! My last update was in May a lot has changed since then. Let’s get into.


Since the last update I was marathon training and trying to a have running streak going. The running streak in my former and current obese self I probably should not have been trying to run every day while marathon training. It was just too much on my joints all the time. The streak and weight were definitely the leading causes of my knee issue.

As far as marathon training goes the mileage was slowly building up. I was not feeling the best during my Saturday long runs but I think I just needed to be better about my pre-run nutrition. During a 12 miler on a Saturday I felt a weird sensation in my knee. I was running in Nike Epic React 2 at the time. A chunk of the rubber had rubbed off my heel and was catching on the ground. So initially I was like I don’t have any pain in my knee so it is just the 12 miles that’s really testing me not an injury. A few days go by I keep running my knee doesn’t have any pain but something is off. After about 2 weeks of trying to run through the situation. I decided to shut it down for a few weeks until I felt comfortable running again.

I have been coming back to running by doing Couch to 5k. I start week 5 of 8 tomorrow. Given my fitness and weight gain. This was a good way to get back into running without risking further injury. I run on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and an extra run on Sundays.


My weight loss journey was a real elastic situation back in May and still is to an extent. I attribute my weight gain to the knee issue for sure. I was just constantly gaining then losing a bit then gaining more back. While also trying to increase my mileage and continuing a running streak. This was not a recipe for success at all.

A few days ago, I got an email from some race photo company about a deal they have on race photos since I guess business is not booming due to Covid. I decided to look at my 2018 Crescent City Classic race photos and I was so skinny. At that time, I had gained some weight and I thought I was so fat then lol. I am about 85 pounds heavier now than I was then.

That pic has definitely sparked my fire to get motivated once and for all to lose this weight and keep it off. During my work from home stage and my injury recovery I developed some horrible habits eating fast food almost daily not being active at all. I ballooned up to a pandemic high of 328 pounds.


I had a work health checkup during this time and the day before I binged on Popeye’s Chicken Sandwiches and fries and I knew then the health checkup was not going to go well. The doctor was really concerned with the changes compare t the year before. I am definitely going to present a great picture of health next check up!

I currently sit at 314.4 and have had a few calorie deficits days in a row. My first goal is to get under 300 lbs. My longer-term goal is to get under 200 lbs. by August 2021. My current goals are to be in a deficit daaily, do Couch to 5k, and get 10,000 minimum steps a day. I usually have a cheat meal on Saturday’s but I think I am going to cut that out as it feels so counterproductive to what I really want to do.


So, to wrap this up. I am going to stick to my diet and slowly build my mileage back up but no running streak. Also, I promise to post more consistently!

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