RnR Las Vegas Half Recap

Race Thoughts

Race start time was 4:30 PM. My hotel was about .8 miles from the starting line. I ended up walking about 2.5 miles before making it to the starting corrals.  Pre-race I was just waiting in corral 12 or so. A random lady asks me you’re corral 2 why are you way back here…. My response I signed up for this race about 50 pounds ago, and I’m just trying to not get caught up in the crowd and finish in under 2:30.  After that another gentleman asked hey you want to run about 11:00 minute paced miles. I said sure and in my traditional fashion I came out way faster than I should have.  He dropped off around the half mile mark.

My first mile was about 9:58 pace.  It felt great this part of the race was running towards the Welcome to Vegas sign from the strip so not too many sights.  The turnaround at the Welcome sign and up the strip was the start of the awesomeness.  Seeing the huge building, lights, signs, the crowd, and just being in the street of a busy city was thrilling.  I snapped a few pictures while running couldn’t resist.

First 5k of the race I felt my lack of conditioning, but the next 10k I was cruising on Vegas strip adrenaline.  At this point I should have slowed it down.  The Strip was just so cool and the people watching the race along the route inspired me to keep my pace.  I never experienced spectators along the race route like that.  It was awesome I felt like a pro-runner lol.

The first seven miles I felt pretty good. I was within range of the 2:15 pacer.  Given my current conditioning I was pretty happy with my performance so far.  My Achilles disagreed and reminded me about my lack of consistent mileage leading up to the race.  I felt my Achilles do something, and I slowed down tremendously.  Didn’t want to push it and hurt something….just finish.

In the next half of the race we hit downtown.  Which is drastically different than the Vegas strip and how I imagined all of Vegas looking. Saw a ton of pawn shops and wedding chapels and thought who is getting married here.  It was still cool to see a different Vegas other than the strip. Also in this section of the race we hit Fremont Street.  I learned about Fremont Street from my Uber driver the day before.  She asked if we were going there and I was like what’s that. Fremont Street to me looked like the classic version of Vegas.  I assumed Vegas was only the Strip.  I saw many of the classic Vegas spots on Fremont Street while starkly different from the strip it was still amazing.  At this point in the race I was in full survive-just finish mode.

I made it to the finish line my pace was extremely slowed at one point a lady power walking passed me around the 12 mile mark. Anyway this race definitely sparked my fire to get in shape and run fast.  I’m not currently signed up for another half yet, but I’ll definitely improve on this performance next year.


Race Results

Finish Time: 02:36:48

Pace Time: 11:57 mi

Overall 8864/17100


Adidas Alphabounce Beyond

Race Fuel

1 – Honey Stinger Waffle

1 – Gu French Toast

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