Road to 170 – Week 1 Update

So the first post for my “Road to 170” series is on February 10th….So I’m a bit late, but from hear on out I’m going make it a habit to post an update post every Friday after my weigh-in.

After numerous dieting/running fails this year.  I finally got my nutrition in check and started running consistently.  My weight topped out at 273.6.  I was eating everything and not running…But currently I’m 256.2.  I’m running about 20 miles a week right now.  I’m signed up to run Walk-Ons Half Marathon in Shreveport on September 15th.  My goal is to be in top shape for that race, and P/R under 2:05 at least.

Current Weight

June 22nd 2018

Currently I’m about 35 pounds over my 2018 low.  I feel great though, and I  still think I should be able to get to 170 by the Louisiana Marathon.

Total Weight Left

86.2 lbs.

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