Road To 170 – Week 2

Week 2 I think was a success. Based on the scale I’m up .2 lbs. but I was in a deficit everyday except Wednesday. That day I ate at least 5000 calories 😬….the next day I was back on track though. It’s Friday and I’ve done all my runs for the week. I had to get my Saturday long run in on Friday. I’m gonna try to sneak another run in this week.

Current Weight

June 29th 2018

Total Weight Left

86.4 lbs.(Up .2)


2,556 calories – Ate more than I wanted but I was starving once I finished cutting the grass

23,200 steps

48 Min Run 9:40 pace – I thought I only had a 30 min run, but to my surprise when I double checked the app it said 48 minutes 🙃

Cut the grass


2,578 calories – Calories on point

25,078 steps


5,000 calories – ate about twice as much as I wanted to.

20,224 steps

3.15 miles 32 minutes


2,366 calories – On point

21,082 steps

2.65 miles 27 minutes

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